Understanding social-media-enabled participation in community-based urban agriculture: A practice theory perspective

2017-08-03T00:05:56Z (GMT) by DANNY ARDIANTO
The thesis is centred on the notion of technology-mediated social participation. It aims to explore, describe, and explain the meanings and constitution of social-media-enabled participation in community-based urban agriculture. It used a practice theory perspective to understand how social-media-enabled participation was constantly reproduced as an identifiable category of activity. The findings reveal social-media-enabled participation not only as a tool for communication, but also an embodied experience as part of everyday lives. The research is significant to the fields of information systems and computer-supported cooperative work as it addresses a gap in articulating an integrative, relational perspective of social-media-enabled participation. The research benefits to researchers and practitioners alike including community managers, designers, and social media professionals.