Understanding Virtuality: A Mixed Method Study Using Virtuality Index in Teams of Global Outsourcing Sector


In the light of ICT revolution, horizontal organizational structures and team-based work units have become more prevalent in global businesses and resulting rise of outsourcing industry. This study tested the extent of the virtuality of teams in Global Outsourcing Sector, and identified their virtual features using Virtuality Index and applying sequential Mixed- Method Research approach. Triangulation of findings generated composite set of virtuality features. Findings revealed that teams in the outsourcing sector are characterized as virtual teams having a significant extent of virtuality featuring workplace mobility, variety of practices, team distribution, interdependence, and ICT utilization, working across different time zones, dissolvable nature, resources pooling and knowledge sharing. This study lays a foundation for the researchers to begin their investigations with teams in outsourcing companies for further penetration of virtuality. Future researchers may simply carry out their investigations in article.