Understanding Parental Factors and Entrepreneurial Attitude - The Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are individuals who take calculated risks, delve into ventures by organizing the factors of production in a way to get economic value from the resources, and are willing to bear the eventful loss that may arise from the investment. The entrepreneurs have self-motivation as well as self-determination traits that come a long way from the initial social agents that are in the life of the individual affecting how and whether they will have the entrepreneurial intent. The entrepreneurial intent is primarily subject to the influence of the parents a higher degree of the influence for a male child being from a family with both parents pursuing self-employment and a lower degree for the female child with self- employed parents. Regarding the career path one takes, the influencers are the parents specifically a father having a greater influence for the male child, and the female child influenced greatly by the mother then the teachers in a smaller scale.