Ultrastructural Characterization of a Developing Pericytic Microtumor in the White Matter Post Laceration

2018-01-07T05:25:55Z (GMT) by Pais V Danaila L Pais E
We studied by transmission electron microscopy an intraparenchymatous mass within white matter found in a patient operated on for cerebral laceration. According to the ultrastructural criteria, this mass was diagnosed as an incipient hemangio-pericytoma, being composed by staghorn vasculature and tumoral cells with appearance of pericytes, more or less phenotipycally changed. The proliferating cells were almost nondifferentiated as well as similar to pericytes and vascular smooth muscle cells, i.e., heterogenous in their phenotype and “regenerative” in the ultrastructural features. Precise origin and fate of these metabolically active cells is not known. Surprisingly, the microtumor was delineated by numerous reticulin fibers and by long prolongations of cerebral cordocytes, which may have a protective role against tumor growth in the brain parenchyma. However, this is the first ultrastructural study which has to be continued for such unusual cases in the brain.