UAV Aerial Survey - Clifton Camp (ST56557330)

2014-12-12T16:27:17Z (GMT) by Stephen Gray
<p>This is no longer the current version of this dataset. Please use</p> <p>This data was collected via low-altitude UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) survey of an area of Clifton Camp (ST565557330), best known for its Iron Age promontory fort. The dataset comprises of metadata records, near-vertical photographs and a derived 3D polygonal mesh.</p> <p>This dataset has been constructed with two kinds of reuse in mind: Firstly, the area surveyed is culturally rich and underexplored; while some of the non-natural features detected by this survey can be identified, others cannot. These features include:</p> <p>Excavations believed to relate to Brunel’s unfinished reservoir of 1845 (see area marked as ‘2’ in features-of-interest.tif).</p> <p>A rectilinear feature believed to be an animal enclosure (marked as ‘1’ in features-of-interest.tif - the later reservoir pipeline can be seen cutting through, diagonally).</p> <p>Several other, unidentified, non-natural features (for example see area marked as ‘3’ in features-of-interest.tif) are suggested by the results of this survey.</p> <p>This data is intended to inform future investigations of the site.</p> <p>Secondly, the survey methodologies employed and the structuring of the resulting dataset are intended to act as an exemplar, a standard method of organising similar UAV survey datasets to ensure maximum re-usability.</p>



CC BY 4.0