Tyrannosaurus SIMM musculoskeletal model

<div>This folder consists of the SIMM model files for the MOR555 T. rex specimen (now at Smithsonian) used in the following paper:</div><div>Hutchinson, J.R., Anderson, F.C., Blemker, S., Delp, S.L. 2005. Analysis of hindlimb muscle moment arms in Tyrannosaurus rex using a three-dimensional musculoskeletal computer model. Paleobiology 31:676-701. doi: 10.1666/04044.1</div><div><br></div><div>It includes these files:</div><div>1) A "bones" folder with .ASC format polygonal meshes at low resolution, as described in the above paper. Additional left leg files were generated as well as the third toe.</div><div>2) .jnt and .msl files ("trex J42" and "trex M42") that are used by proprietary SIMM software (version 7.0) to run the model; these can be opened as text files in typical text applications.</div><div>3) A snapshot of the SIMM model.</div><div><br></div><div>Note that the SIMM model has undergone minor changes from the 2005 paper's model, but these are fairly trivial (except as noted above).</div><div><br></div><div>SIMM software is commercial and available at: http://www.musculographics.com/html/products/SIMM.html</div><div>The model can, in theory, be imported into the free, open source musculoskeletal modelling package OpenSim, but there may be file conversion issues. See http://opensim.stanford.edu/ for more information.</div>



CC BY 4.0