Two new stilbenoids from aerial parts of <i>Flickingeria fimbriata</i>

<p>Two new stilbenoids, named 2,3 -dimethoxyl-7-hydroxyl-1,4-phenanthrenedione (<b>1</b>) and 2-methoxyl-3-methyl-7-hydroxyl-9,10-dihydro-1,4-phenanthrenedione (<b>2</b>), together with two known stilbenoids including densiflorol B (<b>3</b>) and ephemeranthoquinone (<b>4</b>), were isolated from aerial parts of <i>Flickingeria fimbriata</i> (Bl.) Hawkes. The structures of two new compounds were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analysis, including HRESIMS, <sup>1</sup>H and <sup>13</sup>C NMR, DEPT, HMBC, COSY, HMQC, NOESY. All the compounds were obtained from this genus for the first time. In addition, they all exhibited moderate cytotoxic activities against HepG2 cell lines.</p>