Two new Andean species of <i>Anolis</i> lizard (Iguanidae: Dactyloinae) from southern Ecuador

<p>We describe two new species of <i>Anolis</i> lizard that are sympatric on the Amazonian slopes of the Andes of southern Ecuador at elevations between 1440 and 1970 m. The new species may be distinguished from other <i>Anolis</i> by external anatomy, mitochondrial divergence and dewlap colour. We estimate the phylogenetic positions of the new species using Bayesian analysis of DNA sequence data including all species of <i>Dactyloa</i>-clade <i>Anolis</i> for which DNA data are available. <i>Anolis hyacintogularis</i> sp. nov. is sister to <i>Anolis calimae</i>, whereas <i>Anolis lososi</i> sp. nov. is sister to <i>Anolis williamsmittermeierorum</i>, herein reported for Ecuador for the first time. Individuals of both new species were collected within a protected area in southern Ecuador, Podocarpus National Park, which suggests that at least some populations of these species are well protected.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>