Tweets linking to arXiv preprints, Jan - Oct 2012

2013-02-12T10:31:17Z (GMT) by Euan Adie

This dataset contains details of approximately 57k tweets linking to preprints on between Jan 1st 2012 and Oct 1st 2012. The IDs of both the tweet and the relevant preprint are included.

Twitter's TOS prohibit re-distribution of the tweets themselves but the dataset contains the extracted links, the tweet ID and some information about the tweeter (screen name, followers count at time of tweet collection, country & lat/lng derived from their location using Yahoo! Placemaker). 

The links, pmids, dois and arxiv_ids columns can contain more than one value and are comma delimited.

The RTs column contains a comma delimited list of screen names credited with a RT / MT / via in the tweet body.

I hope you find the data useful. If you end up doing something cool with it let me know!

The data was collected by using a mix of Twitter data collection strategies. The Altmetric API is free to use within rate limits and you can find documentation at . You can also find a blog post about this data at 




CC BY 4.0