Turnover Rate of Popularity Charts in Neutral Models

2012-12-03T14:03:54Z (GMT) by Tim Evans
<p>It has been shown recently that in many different cultural phenomena the turnover rate on the most popular artefacts in a population exhibit some regularities. A very simple expression for this turnover rate has been proposed by Bentley et al. 2007 and its validity in two simple models for copying and innovation is investigated in this paper. It is found that the formula in Bentley et al. is an approximation of the real behaviour of the turnover rate in the Wright-Fisher model, while it is not valid in the Moran model.</p> <p>Talk given by <a href="http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/people/t.evans" target="_blank">Tim Evans</a> at ECCS 2012, Brussels, 7th September 2012.  Based on paper by </p> <p>Evans, T.S. and Giometto, A. </p> <p>“Turnover Rate of Popularity Charts in Neutral Models”</p> <p>[<a href="http://arxiv.org/abs/1105.4044" target="_blank">arxiv:1105.4044</a>] </p>