Trapping latency and flight initiation distances of Namibian rock agamas

2015-10-18T08:12:47Z (GMT) by Alecia Carter
<p>Please see "links" for relevant article using these data.</p> <p>Date: date the observation was made</p> <p>Time: time the observation was made</p> <p>AgamaID: identity code of the individual to which the observation applies</p> <p>FID: flight initiation distance (m)</p> <p>Temp: temperature when the observation was made (degrees Celcius)</p> <p>Mass: mass of agama (g)</p> <p>MassSVL: mass (g) / snout to vent length (cm)</p> <p>ObsNumber: trial order for the individual agama</p> <p>Season: 1, 2 refer to whether the observation was made before (1 = Dry) or after (2 = Wet) the onset of the rains</p> <p>TrapBeforeAft: whether the observation was made before or after the agama had been trapped</p> <p>Latency: the time (s) the agama took to enter the trap after it had noticed it. "nan" refers to individuals who were targeted but did not enter the trap</p> <p>Bait: the type of bait used to bait the trap</p>