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posted on 07.11.2018 by MARTIN GIBBS
Selected Articles from the 2017 International DIGRA Conference

1. How Players Speak to an Intelligent Game Character Using Natural Language Messages
Fraser Allison, Ewa Luger, & Katja Hofmann

2. "If you are feeling bold, ask for $3" Value Crafting and Indie Game Developers
Mia Consalvo & Christopher A. Paul

3. Glitch Horror: BEN Drowned and the Fallibility of Technology in Game Fan Fiction
Emily E. Crawford

4. Exhibition Strategies for Videogames in Art Institutions: Blank Arcade 2016
Emily M. Reed

5. Modeling and Designing for Key Elements of Curiosity Risking Failure, Valuing Questions
Alexandra To, Jarrek Holmes, Elaine Fath, Eda
Zhang, Geoff Kaufman, & Jessica Hammer

6. Heritage Destruction and Videogames Ethical Challenges of the Representation of Cultural Heritage
José Antonio González Zarandona, Adam
Chapman, & Darshana Jayemanne

7. Considering play: From method to analysis
Jasper van Vught & René Glas