Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association -- Vol. 4, No. 2

2018-11-07T00:00:00Z (GMT) by MARTIN GIBBS
Selected Articles from the 2017 International DIGRA Conference

1. How Players Speak to an Intelligent Game Character Using Natural Language Messages
Fraser Allison, Ewa Luger, & Katja Hofmann

2. "If you are feeling bold, ask for $3" Value Crafting and Indie Game Developers
Mia Consalvo & Christopher A. Paul

3. Glitch Horror: BEN Drowned and the Fallibility of Technology in Game Fan Fiction
Emily E. Crawford

4. Exhibition Strategies for Videogames in Art Institutions: Blank Arcade 2016
Emily M. Reed

5. Modeling and Designing for Key Elements of Curiosity Risking Failure, Valuing Questions
Alexandra To, Jarrek Holmes, Elaine Fath, Eda
Zhang, Geoff Kaufman, & Jessica Hammer

6. Heritage Destruction and Videogames Ethical Challenges of the Representation of Cultural Heritage
José Antonio González Zarandona, Adam
Chapman, & Darshana Jayemanne

7. Considering play: From method to analysis
Jasper van Vught & René Glas