Towards Consistent and Citable Data Quality Descriptive Information for End-Users

Curating quality descriptive information and metadata for individual datasets is a necessary step toward meeting the transparency requirement and helping establish the credibility and trustworthiness of data products. This, however, has been a difficult challenge for the data management community because of the lack of a consistent assessment framework, process, and workflow. Furthermore, developing and implementing these require multi-domain knowledge and close cross-disciplinary collaboration.

This presentation will first introduce a data stewardship maturity matrix (DSMM) as a reference framework for assessing stewardship maturity of individual digital datasets. Using the DSMM as an example, this presentation will then demonstrate that it is possible to consistently and systematically curate and publish data quality descriptive information both as citable documents and within ISO metadata records for human and machine end-users. These consistent and citable documents and metadata records can be readily integrated into or linked by other systems and tools to be used, for example, for enhanced data discoverability and usability.

This presentation will also outline the progress made under the auspice of the NOAA OneStop project in the area of consistently curate, publish, integrate, and display data quality information.