Total number of CAR cell therapy trials listed in databases

2017-02-10T04:50:32Z (GMT) by Alexey Bersenev
10 International public databases (including NCT, EudraCT, UMIN, ChiTCR, ANZCTR...) were screened to identify CAR clinical trials, registered in any period of time until December 31 of 2016. At least 10 combinations of key words were used in search queries (including "cell", "CAR cell", "chimeric antigen", "T cell", "T cell gene modified"...). Only CAR genetic modification of cells was included. At least 23 parameters were captured manually, if information was available. Validity of captured data was verified by second researcher ( Overlaps between databases were excluded from analysis. Statistical information was analyzed in MS Exel.



CC BY 4.0