Timing is everything: Identifying peak Rallidae call rate in southeast Australia

2017-07-17T19:38:33Z (GMT) by Auriel Fournier
Effective monitoring is key to understanding the habitat needs, population<br>trends and ecology of any species. For species with low detection probability understanding the<br>optimum time to survey to maximize detection is crucial. In addition to maximizing efficiency,<br>surveying only during times of peak detectability yields more accurate information by<br>minimizing false absences. Members of the avian family Rallidae are elusive in nature and as a<br>result poorly studied. Automated recording unit surveys will be used across the breeding season<br>to determine the optimal times of day, and periods of the lunar cycle where detection is highest.<br>This will form vital groundwork for a monitoring protocol and inform for future research and<br>conservation efforts. Four southeast Australasian Rallidae species have been selected to assess<br>the generalizability of the findings. <br>



CC BY 4.0