Tianmuthredo davei Taeger & Kramp 2017

2018-01-03T16:43:47Z (GMT) by Andreas Taeger Katja Kramp
<i><b>Tianmuthredo davei</b></i> Taeger and Kramp, 2017<br>(complete set of figures)<br><br>Taeger, A. & Kramp, K. (2017): Tianmuthredo davei (Hymenoptera:Tenthredinidae), a New Species from the Russian Far East. – Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, 119(Special Issue): 864-878.<br><br>Type material.—Holotype ♀. RU: Primorskij Kraj: Ussuri Nature Reserve; 43.644°N, 132.346°E, 150m 20.05.2016, leg. Kramp, Prous, Taeger / RU008; DEI-GISHym 86138 (ZIRAS). Paratypes 1 ♂, 7 ♀♀. 1 ♂, same data as holotype, DEI-GISHym 86139 (SDEI); 1 ♀, data as holotype but 23.05.2016 / RU012, DEI-GISHym 86248 (SDEI, video); 1 ♀ Gornotajozhnoe, 1km E, 43.694°N 132.168°E, 150m, 22.05.2016, leg. Kramp, Prous, Taeger / RU010, DEIGISHym 87148 (USNM); 1 ♀ same data, DEI-GISHym 85035 (SDEI, dissected); 1♀ Meteorological station 28 km SE Chuguyevka, Sichote Alin 43.59N 134.08E [=43.983°N 134.133°E]; 900 m, 01.06.1993, leg. A. Taeger, DEI-GISHym 85034 (SDEI, sputtered); 1 ♀ Anisimovka; 43.166°N 132.800°E, 24.05.1974, leg. Berezantsev, DEI-GISHym 85036 (ZIRAS); 1 ♀ same data, DEI-GISHym 85037 (SDEI); 1♀Vladivostok Sedanka 43.210°N 131.973°E, 15.05.1979, leg. A. Zinovjev, DEI-GISHym 85038 (ZIRAS). Distribution.—Russia: Primorskij Kraj. <br><br>Photos were taken with a Leica DFC495 digital camera and a Leica M205 C stereomicroscope attached to the high diffuse dome illumination Leica LED5000 HDI. Composite images with an extended depth of field were created from stacks of images using the software CombineZP. Pictures of a living specimen and two short video clips were taken inside a room with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 (the visible plants were only used as a background). Images of the saw of T. davei were taken with a Leica DFC450 C camera attached to an Olympus BX51 compound microscope. For the SEM images a specimen was sputtered with gold and palladium. Images were made by C. Kutzscher (SDEI) on the SEM JSM-6060LV (JEOL) at 9 kV acceleration voltage. Finally, the plates were arranged and partly enhanced with Ulead PhotoImpact X3.