The ugly child of research: Software Citations!

2016-02-17T03:07:20Z (GMT) by Robert Peters Alan Hyndman
<p>In recent years, research data has been heralded as a key input and output of the research process, and much attention has been devoted to building practices and infrastructure surrounding data publication, citation, and reuse. Software plays a similarly critical role in the research process - in a recent survey, 92% of respondents reported using research software in their work - yet it has garnered comparatively little acknowledgement.</p><p>This situation is problematic, as accurate information about software used in research is often critical to understanding and reusing data, and to interpreting results. Further, as many researchers create their own custom applications, software can represent a large share of a effort on a given project, and should be recognized as a valuable output.</p><p>This presentation provides an overview of the landscape of software citation, contrasted against the landscape of data citation, makes a case for the value of software citation and discusses critical infrastructure components needed in order to facilitate effective attribution and reuse of research software.</p><p></p>