The order and priority of research and design method application within an assistive technology new product development process: A summative content analysis of 20 case studies

2017-03-31T12:49:16Z (GMT) by George Torrens
Summative content analysis was used to define methods and heuristics from each case study. The review process was in two parts: 1) A literature review to identify conventional research methods; and, 2) a summative content analysis of published case studies, based on the identified methods and heuristics to suggest an order and priority of where and when were used. Over 200 research and design methods and design heuristics were identified. From the review of the 20 case studies 42 were identified as being applied. The majority of methods and heuristics were applied in phase two, market choice. There appeared a disparity between the limited numbers of methods frequently used, under ten within the 20 case studies, when hundreds were available.