The opposite methodological perspective: a nondogmatic and novel approach

2019-01-31T09:35:39Z (GMT) by Hajdin Abazi

The topic to be discussed here puts in focus the counterinduction approach - the conditions, circumstances and incentives, which made Feyerabend to constitute it, and the enlightening role that it plays, respectively, should play. This opposite perspective de jure lacked science and de facto has always been implemented but as an illegitimate approach. In the methodological aspect of scientific research, the dual role of the methodical rules will be considered, which also help the research to be successful and even turn it into a dogma by narrowing and limiting the search because of their exclusivity. Relatedly. the tensions, criticisms and methodological developments will be taken into account to make the research more efficient. The aim is to show that counter-induction is met by a great deal of shortage in the methodological approach, which, as it will be argued, makes the research itself more open and removes its obstacles.