The influences of serine and CheW on methylation

2011-12-30T17:33:32Z (GMT) by Anas Chalah Robert M Weis
<p><b>Copyright information:</b></p><p>Taken from "Site-specific and synergistic stimulation of methylation on the bacterial chemotaxis receptor Tsr by serine and CheW"</p><p>BMC Microbiology 2005;5():12-12.</p><p>Published online 14 Mar 2005</p><p>PMCID:PMC1079850.</p><p>Copyright © 2005 Chalah and Weis; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.</p> The enlarged representation of the methylation region from one Tsr subunit in panel illustrates the locations relative to the N and C-termini of Tsr (and ), and the cytoplasmic domain hairpin (at bottom). For simplicity, all other representations depict (panels to ) show only the two methylation helices. Numbers next to the four sites are relative rates (); not in parentheses are rates relative to the rate without ligand (= /). The -values in parentheses are the rates at various sites () relative to the rate at site four () under the same conditions (= /). : no ligand;: 500 μM serine; : 60 μM CheW; : both serine and CheW.



CC BY 4.0