The genus <i>Scoparia</i> (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) from Galongla Snow Mountain of China, with DNA barcoding and descriptions of three new species

2016-02-25T14:46:02Z (GMT) by Weichun Li Lulan Jie Dong Liu
<p>Four species from Galongla Snow Mountain, southeastern Tibet of China are revealed as members of the genus <i>Scoparia</i> by combining DNA barcoding (658 bp of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome <i>c</i> oxidase subunit I, <i>COI</i>) and morphological characters. Three species are described as new to science: <i>S. varians</i> Li, sp. nov., <i>S. nussi</i> Li, sp. nov. and <i>S. lii</i> Li, sp. nov. The female of <i>S. simplicissima</i> Li is described for the first time. All species are described and illustrated, including the habitat, characters of intraspecific variability and sexual dimorphism. A map showing the localities on the Tibetan Plateau, where more than 40% of Chinese <i>Scoparia</i> species are endemic, is also provided. The results suggest the genus <i>Scoparia</i> has high species diversity on the Tibetan Plateau and may exhibit potential for specific adaptation to high plateau environments.</p>