The environment, landscape, modern architecture and urban design in a pioneering work of modern Brazilian architecture in the south: Refap/Petrobras - 1962/1968

2017-12-20T02:47:28Z (GMT) by Sérgio Moacir Marques

Abstract This paper discusses one of the fundamental works of Brazilian modern architecture in the south of Brazil. As well as using pioneering constructive systems in Brazilian construction industry, this work shows links between urban strategies and the environment, modern pavilions and the landscape, which up until that moment were rare in industrial installations anywhere in the world. The designs of Equipe de Arquitetos, formed by Carlos Maximiliano Fayet, Claudio L. G. Araújo, Moacyr Moojen Marques and Miguel Alves Pereira, for the Alberto Pasqualini Refinery in Canoas, RS, Brazil, and for the Almirante Soares Dutra Terminal of Petrobras, in Osório, RS, Brazil, also relate spatial systems and the progressive motivations of the Modern Movement, which regional version reveals peculiarities- when compared to the center of the country - which have been undervalued.