The effect of Invisalign® use on mouth alcohol retention

2015-12-14T12:59:07Z (GMT) by Melissa Kramer-Sarrett
<div><p>ABSTRACT</p><p>Three Invisalign®-wearing, alcohol-free subjects were tested for mouth alcohol retention with an Alco-Sensor® IV breath alcohol analyzer (Intoximeters, Inc.). The subjects were given a tolerable amount of beer, wine, or a distilled spirit to swish in their mouths, without swallowing for one minute. The subjects were tested with and without their Invisalign® device in place. In most cases the concentration of alcohol in the mouth was zero 15 minutes post-expectoration in both the controlled and experimental sessions with small to trace amounts of mouth alcohol (≤ 0.016 g/210 L) in several sessions. Based on these findings, Invisalign® use does not significantly affect breath alcohol concentration when a pretest alcohol deprivation period of 15 minutes is performed.</p></div>