Ponencia 8: The dissemination of heritage from postgraduate teaching. Informatics proposal Moodle.

At the present time where globalization extends the field of culture where those with greater technological power are deployed on those with fewer resources, it is important to use these technologies to preserve and disclose the identity of our peoples. One of these uses is through postgraduate training using technology as a platform Moodle, one of the most used worldwide.
Heritage contains essential elements that can be used for educational purposes which is why the main objective raises the development of a Heritage Certificate, computing and educational system, Moodle platform for a modality non-attendance. The novelty of the issue lies in how to achieve a contribution to the spread of wealth through postgraduate education, with the support of New Information Technologies and Communications and in a form conducive to the exchange on these issues so that non-attendance possible to achieve greater range.
It is not no use technologies but use them for the development of societies in the area of knowledge. This degree gives the possibility of training of teachers and specialists in different branches of culture and heritage, as well as any professional wishing to insert a personal interest in graduate school, always in search of higher quality and integration of processes.




CC BY 4.0