The conceptions of the real counselor Polonius in four comic adaptations of Hamlet

2017-12-01T02:41:46Z (GMT) by Thiago Martins Prado
<p></p><p>Abstract Focusing on the figure of the royal counselor of the play Hamlet by Shakespeare, the study will present changes in versions of four Comics on reworking the character Polonius: the adaptation of Grant and Mandrake (1990), influenced by the school of Brandywine; the adaptation of the East Press Team (2013), a manga that demonstrates an attention on the distribution of the mute characters in scene to assert a consistent search for the Shakespearean text; the adaptation of Vieceli (2011), a manga that focuses on clothing to incorporate a technological-futuristic atmosphere, and the adaptation of Srbek and Shibao (2013), with a greater focus on bodily positions on the scene.</p><p></p>