The cities and their monuments: a study about the italian immigration in Buenos Aires and Caxias do Sul 1910 - 1954 - 2016

2017-12-27T02:45:00Z (GMT) by Eloisa Helena Capovilla da Luz Ramos

Abstract The text is about a study of two Italian immigration’s monuments - the Cristopher Columbus Monument, in Buenos Aires /AR and the National Immigrant Monument, in Caxias do Sul / BR, both built in urban spaces and related to the Italian presence in both South American countries. Being bearers of this identity, both monuments represent not only the communities who built them and their will, but also bring with them memories and tributes from who donated them. Such monuments, at the same time that they are memory spots and places of remembrance, they belong to their countries cultural patrimony. Though they are sensitive to modifications that might follow over time, this urban equipment had, in its trajectory, different destinations.