The UC Curation Center (UC3): Developing Tools & Services for Managing Research

As part of the California Digital Library, the UC Curation Center (UC3) provides resources, tools, and services to a wide range of researchers across the University of California system and beyond. We are working to create a comprehensive set of tools and services to assist researchers throughout the research and data lifecycles. These include the EZID identifier service; the Merritt Repository for preservation and access to digital assets; the DataUp tool for quality checking, documenting and sharing tabular datasets; the DMPTool web application for creating data management plans; the DataShare software tool for documenting and archiving datasets; and the Web Archiving Service (WAS) for preserving websites. Many of these projects involve partners both within the UC system and beyond, and represent successful collaborations with museums, libraries, researchers, and funders. Our future plans include making our software open and reusable, and collaborating with other tools and services such as ORCID, Databib, and altmetrics services.




CC BY 4.0