The Teacher-Student Relationship in High School: Perception of the Public School Teachers

Abstract This research aimed to identify the teachers' perception of the teacher-student relationship from conflict and affinity indicators, relating them to the variables academic performance, age, gender of students and teachers. Transversal cross-sectional research was carried out with 10 high school teachers from a state public school, who evaluated 10 students using the Teacher-Student Relationship Scale (ERPA). The results suggest that teachers tend to have greater affinity with female students and a conflicting relationship with male students. When correlating the academic performance variable with the affinity and conflict indicators, it was verified that there is a weak positive correlation between the conflict indicator and the academic performance of the discipline Philosophy. However, in the Geography discipline, there is also a weak positive correlation, but with the affinity indicator. It was concluded that new studies are needed to deepen the theme addressed in other contexts.