The South Dakota Data Store (SDDS), a Modular, Affordable Platform to Enable Data-Intensive Research and Education

2020-01-28T22:29:20Z (GMT) by Ryan Johnson Cheryl Tiahrt
Expanding opportunities for data-driven research and increasing requirements for data management in sponsored research have resulted in a growing need for retention of both long-term archival data sets that are infrequently accessed, as well as 'active archives' of data that are accessed periodically to revisit, revise, and share experimental results.

For this project, the University of South Dakota acquired, deployed, and maintains the South Dakota Data Store (SDDS), a network-accessible, sharable, multi-campus storage resource integrated with existing campus cyberinfrastructure.

SDDS supports twelve STEM projects across eight departments at four institutions in South Dakota, including 30 faculty, 43 postdocs, and 303 students. SDDS provides South Dakota researchers with a centralized, efficient, high-performance platform for both archival of and shared access to large quantities of electronic data.