The Role and Responsibilities of Quality Managers

2017-06-05T06:13:42Z (GMT) by Waddell, Dianne
This project was an attempt to identify the roles and responsibilities of Quality Managers in Australia. It has been presumed that they are a homogeneous group with identical goals, objectives and methods. This study investigated if this was the case and challenges the assumptions of this perception. Such an exercise had not been attempted in this country nor overseas. Using a questionnaire, the research aim was to investigate whether their perceptions and experience vary and if it is possible to create a profile of the typical Quality Manager. The research study assessed the education, career progression, job content and reward perceptions of Quality Managers in 1,000 Australian organisations which are registered with the Quality Assurance Services. This was a similar approach as in the study by D'Netto, Sohal and Trevillyan (1996) regarding Production Managers and the results may also be used to compare and contrast the experience of quality managers with those of production/operations managers as identified in their report. The data has been collated and analysed and a managerial role responsibilities framework has been suggested which may represent the complex activities of Quality Managers and which may be used as a valuable database by Human Resources Managers in their strategic planning for continuous improvement. Such a study is conspicuous by its absence. It is an area that has been overlooked in the push for a competitive advantage but a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Quality Managers is crucial for successful implementation of quality management.



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