The RECONS 25 pc list

2013-10-08T22:19:27Z (GMT) by Adric Riedel
<p>This is the state of the RECONS 25 pc database as of January 4, 2012.  The plot is a rotating animated transparent .gif meant for use on dark backgrounds.</p> <p>What you see are the 3-D locations of all 2089 star systems (more are known as of October 2013) believed to be within 25 parsecs of the Solar System, colored according to the V-K color of the system primary, and sized according to the brightness of the primary relative to the main sequence. Numbers next to stars denote that they are multiples, possibly with planets.  The highest multiplicity is 6 (Castor).  The most complex systems are 55 Cancri (2 stars, 5 planets) and the Sun (1 star, 8 planets).  The largest dot is the nearby giant Aldebaran.</p> <p>The white circles are the celestial equator (DEC=0) at 5, 10, and 25 pc; the white line is at the Vernal Equinox (RA=0, DEC=0).  The blue lines are the Galactic plane at 10 and 25 parsecs; the blue line points toward the Galactic center.</p> <p>This effort intends to eventually supplant the Gliese catalog, which contained 3800+ stars in an unknown number of star systems, but allowed for photometric and spectroscopic parallax estimates greater than 39 mas (25.6 parsecs)  The RECONS approach is more akin to the NStars project (1998-2001 through NASA Ames Research). </p> <p>For more information, and for inquiries, visit the RECONS website.</p>