The RECONS 25 Parsec Database (Sneak Peek)

2014-06-14T05:31:16Z (GMT) by Adric Riedel
<p>The RECONS 25 Parsec Database contains information on every object in a star system with a measured trigonometric parallax that places it within 25 parsecs, with less than 10 milliarcsecond error (25% at 25 parsecs). It is intended to be a successor to the Gliese & Jahreiss Catalog of Nearby Stars (see Gliese & Jahreiss 1991) and the NStars catalog (Backman et al. 2000). The database is currently under construction and will continue to evolve as more discoveries are made and added to the database. Everything in this database (excepting the Oort clouds, which are fictional) is from that database. See for updates and more details about the project.</p> <p>If you cite figures from this video, please acknowledge A. Riedel and the RECONS group, P.I. Todd J. Henry</p>