The Personal Library of Luigi Capuana

2016-04-19T12:22:37Z (GMT) by Simon Musgrave Brian Zuccala
This dataset consists of a spreadsheet containing details of the personal library of the Sicilian Author Luigi Capuana (1839-1915) as maintained by the Fondo Capuana (Mineo, Sicily). The catalogue gives bibliographic details for the collection; Brian Zuccala and Simon Musgrave have added geodata for the places of publication of the works and some additional information about genre and language. We are using the data for various investigations of the work of Capuana, of which the map stored here is a first example (it shows the places of publication of the items in the library for the European mainland). Added 19/04/2016: A surprising aspect of the data which can be seen in the first map is the amount of material in Capuana's library which was published in Sicily. The second graphic is a network diagram showing the relation between places of publication in Sicily and year of publication.