The Little Book of Value: How Innovation Creates Value for Consumers - Volume 1

2018-12-20T04:07:35Z (GMT) by Richard Ferrers
<p>Value is a 21st Century approach to understanding Innovation. This work explores the nature and consequences of value.</p><p>This book (Vol.1) is a condensed (20pp) practitioners view of my research into Value and Innovation. It presents an introduction to value theory but above all aims to be simple, practical and easy to follow.</p><p>A longer book (Vol.2, 100pp) will present six practical cases to show how value works as an analysis framework to better understand innovation and why consumers adopt new technology.</p><div><p>In my research I seek to learn how to measure and manage value and value creation to better understand innovation as a complex, dynamic system. Twitter: @valuemgmt</p><p>This project is an online collaborative book project, partnering innovation researchers and industry practitioners to explore and test the value of a theory of value to explain innovation. Using six cases (Vol 2), the value theory will be examined across different contexts, to see if we can break or extend the theory.<br></p><p><br></p><p>Sections:</p><p>1. What is value?</p><p>2. History of value</p><p>3. Value dimensions</p><p>4. Value cases outlined</p><p>Lessons learned</p><p>Glossary</p><p>V3 (20.12.18) includes - an update with the latest Value literature.</p><p><br></p><p>Versions:</p><p>07.12.18 - Link to Bitly (Google Doc) of new Value Lit (2013-18)</p><p>Status: assessing</p><p>09.11.18 - final pdf version, Figshare DOI added</p><p>23.11.18 - DOI a clickable link on Title page.</p><p>20.12.18 - Now adds reviewed Value literature 2013 - 2018.</p><p>24.1.19 - Added network map of major Value literature (pre 2013) at (link below)</p><p><br></p><p>Made with Apple Pages.</p><p><i>For Tabitha, the market researcher next door.</i></p></div>