The Gaikyoku repertoire of the Shakuhachi

2017-11-06T22:48:03Z (GMT) by Anne Rudolph
This study is an overview of the gaikyoku repertoire of the shakuhachi with specific reference to the practice of performing the shakuhachi in ensemble with other instruments and voice. The use of the terminology gaikyoku and the genres of music to which it refers are discussed. A special focus on the Ueda ryû is made in order to give an understanding of the setting in which gaikyoku are taught and performed in Japan today. The term gaikyoku is frequently used as an antonym to the term honkyoku, thus implying that gaikyoku is all music played by the shakuhachi which is not classified as honyoku. A narrower definition of gaikyoku, most commonly used, refers to the music performed by the shakuhachi within the sankyoku ensemble. An investigation of the role of the shakuhachi with this ensemble is made through an analysis of the gaikyoku/sankyoku piece "Yachiyojishi". This analysis is based on a transnotation of the shakuchi, sangen, koto and vocal parts of "Yachiyojishi" with a comparison of the shakuhachi arrangements published by the Ueda and Tozan schools.