Figure S1 - The GBS PI-2a Pilus Is Required for Virulence in Mice Neonates

Effect of the murine cathelicidin mCRAMP on bacterial growth. Overnight culture of the control strain L. lactis NZ9000/vec (A) or the L. lactis NZ9000/vecΩpilB strain expressing the GBS PilB protein (B) were diluted in M17 broth supplemented with glucose (1%) and erythromycin (5 µg/ml) to give approximately 106 cfu/ml. The inoculated broths were distributed (150 µl) in 96 wells plate incubated at 30°C with constant shaking in a plate reader and the OD600 nm was recorded every 20 minutes for 12 hours. Blank values (M17-glucose-erythromycin) were subtracted from experimental values to eliminate background readings. ▴, M17-glucose-erythromycin medium without peptide (sterile water was added instead); ▪, presence of the mCRAMP drug at 5 (light blue), 10 (violet), 20 (green), and 40 (red) µg/ml, respectively. These results are representative of three independent experiments.




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