The Features of the Macedonian Standard Language in the Journalistic Sub Style (Columns)

2019-12-21T11:16:20Z (GMT) by Samir Dalipi Violeta Janusheva


The main function of the language is to serve as the most sophisticated means for mutual understanding among people. It is a phenomenon tightly connected with the society and the culture. As they grow, develop and change, the language also changes in order to satisfy the need of its speakers. The language culture is, in fact, part of every individual’s common culture. It refers to the correct use and implementation of the standard language norm in every sphere of one’s living and functioning, including the articles in the journalistic sub style which should keep and promote this norm. Thus, the aim of the paper is to present the features of the Macedonian standard language in the newspaper columns, and determine whether the language used in them deviates from the already established language features of the journalistic sub style and from the language norm as well. The research has a qualitative paradigm and descriptive design. The sample consists of columns that are published in the Republic of North Macedonia. Analysis, synthesis and comparison are the methods used for processing the data and gaining conclusions. The research reveals that the language features and the deviations from the norm in the columns are identical to the ones already determined in the previous researches of the journalistic sub style.