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The Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on Corporate Restructuring: A Study of IT Company in India

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posted on 14.02.2020 by Dr. Jose Prabhu Joseph John, Dr. Arunkumar S
The article analyzes some of the concepts of corporate restructuring pertaining to the information technology (IT) industry. Corporate restructuring in the context of this research paper refers to the changes that a company initiates to change the structure of the organization by merging or separating different functional units such as departments and employee roles. An IT firm, such as XYZ, provides consultancy services to other companies in various fields concerning the use of IT solutions to achieve their corporate goals. The specific company under consideration is XYZ Limited, a company that provides IT solutions in aerospace, energy sector, individual consumers, communication, navigation, transportation, medical and defense. The article also contains an analysis of several corporate restructuring processes that XYZ implements based on research. The findings, conclusions based on the human resource restructuring strategies implemented by XYZ will improve literature on human resource restructuring issues in the IT industry. Some of the restructuring strategies implemented by XYZ to influence its human resource policy include outsourcing, offshoring, employee leasing, and acquisition.