The D-Scope: A Technique for Exploring Apparent Motion that Refutes the Image and Renders Time Concrete

The D-Scope® is an audio-visual apparatus which creates a system of apparent motion using concrete physical objects lit sequentially. It is, in short, a new medium for creating screen-less animation. According to dictionary definitions, cinematic ontology requires an ‘image system’ which we take to mean a recording lens for creating an image and a screen for reshowing that image. The D-Scope does not deal in images. It deals with real and concrete objects and their position in space/time. The way we see these objects, and perceive them in apparent motion is fundamental to the D-Scope, because animation occurs without an intervening lens or a framing screen. As a new medium, the D-Scope offers a unique visualization of human perception of the ‘seen’ real object and for the ‘unseen’ liminal time and space in which that object is perceived.