The Chemlambda collection of simulations

2017-03-12T22:01:51Z (GMT) by Marius Buliga
These are the html/d3.js outputs of simulations used for the creation of the animations from the chemlambda collection [1]. <br><br>They have been all obtained from using the tools at the chemlambda Github repository [2] and molecules (i.e. chemlambda graphs) which are available at the Library of chemlambda molecules [3]. <br><br>I strongly suggest to read carefully [2] and to follow the links from there. There is abundant material available! <br><br>The general (but not 100% used) rule of correspondence between the html outputs and the molecules used is the following: the name of the molecule used for creating file*.html is file.mol.  <br><br>Any of the simulations can be seen by opening the respective html file in a browser. It appears that different browsers have different performances, I suggest to use Safari, or Chrome for the best results. <br><br>For convenience, the files d3.min.js and jquery.min.js are also present. You need to download them too and put them in the same folder where the html file(s) is(are) saved.<br><br>The simulations will be used for further references, where they will be grouped into series relevant for different subjects related to chemlambda.<br><br><br><br>[1]<br><br>[2]<br><br>[3]<br>