The Chemical and Products Database (CPDat) MySQL Data File

2017-10-13T18:07:43Z (GMT) by Antony Williams

Quantitative data on product chemical composition is a necessary parameter for characterizing near-field exposure. This data set comprises reported and predicted information on >75,000 chemicals contained in >15,000 consumer products. The data’s primary intended use is for exposure, risk, and safety assessments. The data set includes specific products with quantitative or qualitative ingredient information, which has been publicly disclosed through material safety data sheets (MSDS) and ingredient lists. A single product category from a refined and harmonized set of categories has been assigned to each product. The data set also contains information on the functional role of chemicals in products, which can inform predictions of the concentrations in which they occur. These data will be useful to exposure and risk assessors evaluating chemical and product safety.

The data set presented here is in the form of a MySQL relational database, which mimics CPDat data available under the ‘Exposure’ tab of the CompTox Chemistry Dashboard ( as of August 2017.