The Babylon of switchable identity games: contradiction of voices, shatter of faces

2017-12-05T15:18:55Z (GMT) by Tatiana Prevedello

Abstract: The novel Didn't see you in Babylon yesterday, by António Lobo Antunes, to propose a question about the nature of identity representation of characters invites the reader to reflect about the activity of textual creation. In this context, while the otherness of fictional individuals are in a simultaneous process of affirmation and negation, in which the “I” is in constant tension between the “other” or “non-self", the narrative voice is also presented as a creative instance, but susceptible to instabilities and limitations of literary writing work. The purpose of this reflection is, therefore, discuss the mechanisms that engender the hermeneutics of contemporary fiction, which understand the narrative identities as multiple, unstable and in constant process of (re) development.