The Aignopsanes, a New Class of Sesquiterpenes from Selected Chemotypes of the Sponge <i>Cacospongia mycofijiensis</i>

A survey of individual specimens of northern Papua New Guinea derived <i>Cacospongia mycofijiensis</i> has yielded novel sesquiterpenes, aignopsanoic acid A (<b>1</b>), methyl aignopsanoate A (<b>2</b>), and isoaignopsanoic acid A (<b>3</b>). The structures and absolute configurations of <b>1</b>−<b>3</b> were established using NMR data, X-ray crystallography results, and an analysis of CD properties. Two of these metabolites, 1 and 2, were moderately active against <i>Trypanosoma brucei</i>, the parasite responsible for sleeping sickness.