Terpenoids from the roots of <i>Alangium chinense</i>

<div><p>Two new norditerpenoids (<b>1</b> and <b>2</b>), four new sesquiterpenoids (<b>3–6</b>), and 22 known compounds (<b>7–28</b>) were isolated from an ethanolic extract of roots of <i>Alangium chinense</i>. The absolute configurations of <b>1–6</b> were assigned by experimental and calculated ECD spectra. The skeleton of the compounds (<b>1</b> and <b>2</b>) has been reported only one time so far. Compounds <b>1</b>, <b>13</b>, and <b>23</b> exhibited antiviral activity against coxsackie virus B3 with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 38–67 μM. Compounds <b>8</b> and <b>9</b> displayed neuritis inhibitory activity against microglial inflammation factor, with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 6.4 and 10.1 μM, respectively. None of the compounds were cytotoxic in the MTT assay.</p></div>