Tenthredo cockerelli (Rohwer, 1925) male from Korea

2016-09-07T11:39:35Z (GMT) by Andreas Taeger
<i><b>Tenthredo cockerelli </b></i>(Rohwer, 1925) ♂ from Korea<br><br>Photos were taken at the SDEI with a Leica DFC 495 digital camera and M205 C microscope. Composite images with an extended depth of field were created from stacks of images using the software CombineZP and Microsoft ICE, and finally arranged and partly enhanced with Ulead PhotoImpact X3.<br><br>Taeger, A.; Wei, M.; Shinohara, A. 2016: Sibling species in Tenthredo Linné (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae): the status of some East Asian taxa. - Euroasian Entomological Journal 15, Supplement 1: 156-164.<br>