Temporal dynamics of T-bet<sup>hi</sup> expression and effector HIV-specific CD4+ T cell responses following HIV infection in blood.

<p><b>(A)</b> Frequencies of T-bet<sup>hi</sup> CD4+ T cells before and first sample taken 1 year after HIV infection (n = 10). <b>(B)</b> Longitudinal changes of T-bet<sup>hi</sup> CD4+ T cells before and subsequently after HIV infection. Every individual is depicted with black connecting lines and red line indicate the estimated mean value (linear regression) over time (n = 10). <b>(C)</b> Frequency of T-bet<sup>hi</sup> expression on memory CD4+ T cells in HIV- and HIV+ chronic progressors (CP) <b>(D)</b> T-bet, <b>(E)</b> perforin and <b>(F)</b> MIP-1α expression by IFNγ+ Gag-specific CD4+ T cells before and subsequently following HIV infection (n = 10). The colored lines represent each subject and their frequencies of T-bet<sup>hi</sup>, perforin+ and MIP-1α+ Gag-specific CD4+ T cells over time. A Wilcoxon or Mann-Whitney test was performed to compare the difference between groups; *<i>P</i> < 0.05. Longitudinal data-points are derived from the RV217 cohort and cross-sectional data from the European cohort.</p>