Taiwanin A incorporated polyurethane fiber sheets for prevention of postoperative cancer recurrence

<div><p>In this study, we propose a single solution for prevention of postoperative complications and recurrence of highly metastatic gastrointestinal tract cancers. Here, we demonstrate preparation and characterization of Taiwanin A incorporated polyurethane fiber sheets with excellent mechanical properties and sustained drug release. Sheets with elastic modulus of 8 MPa and ultimate tensile strength of 30 MPa will provide support on surgical staple line preventing leakage at anastomosis. Slight burst release of the drug within 7 days (15%) and further sustained release will inhibit proliferation and migration of remaining cancer cells and maintain locoregional high drug concentration to prevent recurrence of the disease. High elasticity of the material will promote healing process without impeding natural peristalsis movement of gastrointestinal organs.</p></div>