TACAS 2018 Artifact Evaluation VM

2018-02-16T17:54:17Z (GMT) by Arnd Hartmanns Philipp Wendler
This virtual machine was used for the evaluation of artifacts for TACAS 2018. It is based on an Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit OS with Linux 4.10 and the following packages: build-essential (this includes gcc), cmake, clang, mono-complete, openjdk-8-jdk, ruby. Additionally, a 32-bit libc is installed. The password for the user tacasart is <em>tacasart</em>. The VM is packaged in an Open Virtualization Archive and can for example be run with VirtualBox.<br><br>For the evaluation of some of the TACAS 2018 artifacts, the amount of memory of the VM may need to be increased.<br>