Synthesis of (−)-TAN-2483A. Revision of the Structures and Syntheses of (±)-FD-211 (Waol A) and (±)-FD-212 (Waol B)

The structure of waol A has been revised from <b>1</b> to <b>6</b>, the vinylogue of TAN-2483 A (5). Aldol reaction of <b>10b(c)</b> with 2,4-hexadienal (11) affords <b>9b(c)</b>, which is subjected to iodoetherification with bis(<i>sym</i>-collidine)IPF<sub>6</sub> to provide <b>8b(c)</b>. Treatment with Et<sub>3</sub>N in CH<sub>2</sub>Cl<sub>2</sub> completes three-step syntheses of TAN-2483A (<b>5</b>) and waol A (<b>6</b>).