Synthesis and properties of amino acid glucose ester dimeric surfactants

2017-05-16T15:17:44Z (GMT) by Wenjing Wang Dong An Zhiwen Ye
<p>Two series of lysine glucose ester AOT surfactants and glutamic acid glucose ester Bola surfactants were synthesized, using L-lysine, L-glutamic acid, and α-D-methylglucoside as raw materials. The structures of glucose esters were confirmed by <sup>1</sup>H NMR and ESI-MS. Some surface activities were studied, such as cmc, γ<sub>cmc</sub>, <i>C</i><sub>20</sub>, Γ<sub>max</sub>, and <i>A</i><sub>min</sub>. The results showed that cmc decreased, but γ<sub>cmc</sub> increased with the lengthening of hydrophobic chain. The thermodynamic parameters of micellization () indicated that the micellization processes of glucose esters were spontaneous and exothermic, driven by entropy.</p>